Sunday, February 17, 2013

Urban Pulp
East-side Mission
Brazyiak is shot caller of the Westside Gangsta Bloods a branch of the notorious Eastside Gangsta Bloods that he formed when moving to Mid City part of Los Angeles at age twelve. He is also second in command of the Blood Alliance, a loose confederation of Bloods in alignment all over Southern California.

Brazyiak’s name is a combination of brazy a Blood term for crazy and maniac(Bloods spell maniac with a k) and he fully lives up to his moniker as a violent killer on the streets.  At just nineteen years old he is one of the most feared active gang leaders in the City of Los Angeles.
Read as Brazyiak commits a Contract killing for his big homie on the Eastside of South Central Los Angele to keep peace between both factions of the Gangsta Bloods.

Blood, all my life, or at least all that I can rememba I been shootin' and killin' niggas!

It ain't shit for me to run up or walk up to a muthafucka and knock his meat straight out his fuckin' taco with tha thumpa.I done seen niggas brain meat danglin' out they skull and that shit didn't even faze me even a lil bit.

I just look at that shit like one day niggas is gonna knock my shit off, so I might as well get as many niggas out here as I kan before I leave this bitch from a nigga gettin' me.
It might sound demonic or devilish to you but to me it ain't shit but tha reality of tha life I lead Blood. It’s just regular life to me in tha streets of L. A., where tha strong live and the weak die.
But I ain't no foul nigga, I mean I believe in God and shit. I be hearing my big homie Damu talk that Allah shit and I respect that, but I ain't no Muslim My religion is Bloodin' straight up.

I live and I'm gon' die a Blood.

Hopefully before I die I can make it up to God foe all tha bad shit I have done in my life, if not then fuck it, Blood, it is what it is! From dirt I came and from dirt I will go back to. I'm just thinkin''bout life and death right now Blood, bekuz I got work to do on tha Eastside for the set. Tha Mafia kalls putting in work kontract killing or murder for hire, but for me, it's just a part of who I am and what I do Blood. To tell you tha truth bandz or no bandz I would still lay niggas down bekuz I like doin' tha shit, I enjoy it Blood. I just like tha muthafuckin rush of blowin' a busta head off wit tha heat and gettin' away wit it! The anticipation, the hunt, the escape. I love all that good shit Blood.
Now most niggas my age would rather go to the klub and get some pussy and trick off they cheese on some hoes. Not me thoe, my dick get hard shootin' muthafuckas down! I gets it off on doin' my murda game. Violence is like sex to me. Shit, it’s even betta than fuckin' bekuz once you get known for poppin' niggas wigs out here you gon’ get way my respect for that shit then you would for mackin' a dumb bitch and fuckin' her. Anyway, my big homie Big Bick Back needs me to settle a score for him and he knows how the YG loves to ride foe tha set. Big Bick Back is from tha Eastside part of my hood and that's where I originated from.

I grew up under him and he grew up under my Pops Big Brazy. I started tha Westside Gangsta Bloods when I moved to Mid Bity at twelve as an extension of our hood tha Eastside Gangsta Bloods. I put work in for tha big homie from time to time to keep the lines open between tha East and tha Westside sets of our Hood. Plus, it keeps them grimey ass Eastie niggas in check.
You gotta shoot a nigga all the time over there to show them niggas what's poppin bekuz they be hungry than a muthafucka and will try to get at yo' ass foe what you got same gang or not. But by me bein' who I am and bein' known to killa a nigga in a minute it lets them niggas know tha time with me. Niggas know they gon' have a real heavy problem on their hands dealin' wit me Blood!
Lately with tha Eses out mannin' the homies on tha Eastside six to one, tha homies been gettin' massacred in tha streets over there heavy. So I gotta get them kills for the Eastside homies up where they need to be. Plus it helps spread tha message on what my homie Damu is tryin' to do gettin' this Blood Alliance thang off the ground unityin' all bloods in the Bity under one bar togetha.
Since I ride for tha homie I been gettin' ridas from different Westside Blood hoods to khunk at tha Eses on the Eastside with me on these lil missions I been doin'.

Shit been comin' out brackin'!!

We got tha Eses wonderin' what tha fuck is goin'on wit all tha Bloods komin' togetha! With each mission done niggas go back to their hoods and spread the word and it makes more niggas wanna ride with us in tha Blood Alliance against tha Eses. Niggas is so sick of takin' a backseat to Eses in jail and on dope prices it ain't a hard ticket to sell on linkin' up to make shit betta foe tha B side. As far as I am koncerned we can kill every Ese in the bity! The braziest shit Blood is that my Mamma is Mexican which makes me half Mexican! I ain’t never klaimed that side of me eva, I'm a muthafuckin' nigga Blood.

When bitches ask what I'm mixed with I always tell'em I'm Kreole and my family from Louisiana.
It’s a long story but I don't fuck with no Mexicans in no typa way at all. None.
Since we been gettin' it off on the eastside the Mexican Mafia has turnt up the heat on the 13s bity wide against all the Eastside Bloods and put out a green light.
So what! Fuck dem beaners! Niggas ain't scared of them and as long as I'm on tha streets with a heat I ain’t trippin' on shit. You gon die when you 'sposed to die. I will blow my brains out before I go to tha bounty or the pen and deal with them Ese politics and their bullshit programs.

I'm dyin' on these streets Blood, that's just what it is!

But I ain't dyin' before I whack this nigga for Big Bick Back. I'm comin' up on this nigga’s house I’m ‘sposed to wack. I got work to do. This is what I been waitin' foe. And if you think I'm bullshitin' on what I do with tha strap.
All I gotta say is watch tha News tonite and bee what I do Blood, it should be a good show foe ya.


  1. I spelled certain words with b's and k's in accordance to how Bloods speak and spell words, if you have any questions just let me know and I will explain.

  2. I have to speak for me and my Blood homies and not the whole blood kard. We have been in Harlem. Queens and Brooklyn with the Stones and Billy Bad Ass so it is all love.

  3. Why do bloods cross out the o's in blood? (Like blxxd.) Wus the first 5 blood sets? When u say east & westside bloods, Itz referring to east & west of what exactly?

  4. *I mean eastside & westside gangsta bloods...east & west of what exactly?

  5. Some damus xx the o's for o gang crips(60s, 90s,30s). I mean Westside(Motherland)L.A. and Eastside NY. The original Bloods were all in preexistence as street organizations before they all came together under the B, they include the Piru boys, Athens Park hustlers and the Brims. I will have interviews with some OGs on the blog in the future to break everything down from the beginning to now.

  6. gang on the east coast vol.1 directed by Brooklyn witts. Can u Plz watch & give me your honest opinion? You can inbox me